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I knew that skin permeation was different from the moment I used it.
(Age 54, Female)


I used the 10% Booster essence mainly on the legs, and also on my face and scalp. I felt the effect within a week. It was very good for my scalp after dyeing gray hair. I was worried about my hair thinning and hair becoming finer, but in the second month, hair loss decreased and became thicker and stronger. I used it on my legs every day while massaging after bathing. Not only did I feel tightening and brightening, but veins have become less noticeable. I am excited about further changes after continuous use, I’m sure more will happen.


I have atopic dermatitis, and it caused the palms of my hand to become keratinized and rough, and my face was also inflamed.
(Age 61, Male)


I first used the 20% Booster essence and 5% Beauty cream twice a day in the morning and evening. Since I started using this, I stopped scratching my skin and it improved after 3 days. After about 2 weeks, my rough, keratinized palm and face became normal, smooth skin. I am now using the 5% Booster essence and 5% Beauty cream, twice a day in the morning and evening. I hardly feel uncomfortableness anymore, and I’m so glad that my skin doesn’t go back to rough skin like before.


It's been 3 months since I started using the 20% booster essence and 5% cream.
(Age 29, Female)


I was always annoyed about the spots that appear around my chin because of my hormone changes every month, but I feel that it doesn’t get worse since I started using ICHIKA! Skin trouble used to last for a few days, or for a week at the longest, is now obviously better the next day when I use ICHIKA before going to bed. I’m happy because spots don’t get worse, and inflammation is reduced soon. It's also very comfortable to use, and it was perfect for me as I don’t like oily cosmetics. Even though it’s not oily, it has a deep moisturizing feeling and my pores feel tighter. I definitely want to continue using it!


I used the 5% Booster essence not only for myself but also for my son's heat rash and scratches he made while sleeping.
(Age 40, Female, Age 2, Male)


I applied it before going to bed, and the next day it was almost smooth, and in two days it was completely smooth. It was refreshing with a faint scent, and I was glad that my son didn’t refuse it. I was so happy because I don’t want to use steroids. For myself, I used it on my face and back of my hands. I felt that my skin tone became healthier and brighter. Skincare is so simple, but when I use it at night and the next morning, my skin is obviously firm and I couldn’t see my tiny wrinkles anymore! It was much easier to apply makeup. I was surprised that my finger’s splinter also healed. I think my nails also became shinier. I like it that parents and children can use it together.


Parts of my hands were originally very dry and chapped.
(Age 19, Male)


I tried the 5% Booster essence in the morning and at night. When I first started using it, my hands were dry and some parts were bleeding. It was hurting even by soaking my hands in water, so for the first few days I had a stinging feeling. But, after 3 days, the wounds turned into scabs, and after a week the dryness was moisturized too. The skin after the wounds healed was soft and it felt like new skin. I was very happy because my hands always hurt. Next, I tried it on my face, which was my other problem. The next day some spots disappeared and the number of spots decreased day by day. I didn't tell my mother that I was using it on my face, but after about a week she asked, "What happened to your spots? Isn’t it gone?" I was very happy about this too.

1 week after
2 week after

I used the 20% Booster essence for my daughter.
My daughter has atopic dermatitis and has pigmented areas in here skin.

(Used on Age 12, Female)


I used the Booster essence on her neck, belly, inside of the elbows, and the back of her knees. She had pigmented color in all those parts, but those colors became fainter after using it for about a week. Her neck and inside of her elbow was lighter than other parts to start with, so roughness has decreased there too. She was only prescribed moisturizers from the dermatologist, and I thought it was amazing that it improved this much without using steroids.


I was looking forward to the iPS 20% Booster essence and 5% Beauty cream, and I started using them right away.
(Mr. Katsuhiko Shimaji, age 80, Male)


It surprises me every day, and this is amazing. Many people have told me that my skin’s shine isn’t that of a man of age 80. I want you to see my real skin in person. I feel like I'm not going to get old anymore. The unisex concept and the fact that it can be used on people of all ages is groundbreaking. I am truly confident about this product!

Katsuhiko Shimaji

Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin to work in Shueisha. A charismatic editor-in-chief who made "Weekly Playboy" sell 1 million copies, and after serving as multiple editor-in-chiefs, became a Director, and CEO of Shueisha International. Since 2008, he has been a barman and has been writing as an essayist.