Sep 28, 2022
Published in CLASSY Online (Kobunsha Co.,Ltd.) “New generation cosmetics ICHIKA(R) containing iPS cell supernatant derived from advanced cell culture research is now available at select cosmetic stores in department stores for the first time in Japan!”

May 10, 2021
Published in Esthetic News (Beauty and Healthcare News Inc.) “Birth of a new generation cosmetics containing iPS cell culture supernatant”

April 9, 2021
Published in Pharmaceutical News (YakujiNews Co.,Ltd.) “Tomorrow’s Beauty Made by Pharmaceutical Companies”

April 5, 2021
It was published in the Weekly Cosmetics (Syukan Syogyo Publishing Co.,Ltd.) series “Hit Product Mother and Child Handbook”

April 1, 2021
Published in Ribiyo-news. “Cosmetics of iPS cell culture supernatant liquid  by ICE Co.,Ltd”

March 25, 2021
Published in Weekly Chemicals Online (Syukan Syogyo Publishing Co.,Ltd.) “I’rom Group Develops World’s First iPS Cell-Derived Cosmetic Ingredients”

March 18, 2021
Published in Hokkaido Shimbun Press. “Cosmetics derived from iPS cells”

March 17, 2021
Published in Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei Inc.), “By-product of iPS culture solution, blended in cosmetics by I’rom”

January 12, 2021
Published in Hokkaido Shimbun Press. “Moisture and fragrance added to disinfectant products”