Company nameICELLEAP Co., Ltd.
CEOToyotaka Mori
 2-10-2 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Iidabashi Grand Bloom 5th floor

【Factory】Koganecho, Ashibetsu City, Hokkaido
FoundedMarch 15, 2010
Capital20,000,000 JPY
EmployeesNumber of employees: 28 (As of end of March 2022)
Business・ Research and development of new raw materials
・ Planning, manufacturing, sales and wholesale of original brands
・ OEM contract manufacturing
・Planning, manufacturing and sales of custom-made cosmetics
・Contract cell bank service
・Planning and sales of medical tourism service

[Cosmetics manufacturing license 01CZ200030]
[Cosmetics manufacturing and sales license 01C0X10037]
[Quasi-drug manufacturing license 01DZ200010]
[Quasi-drug manufacturing and sales license 01D0X10016]
Related companies【Parent company】
 I’rom Group Co., Ltd.
 I’rom NA Co., Ltd.
URLBrand Website

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