OEM Manufacturing


What are OEM Manufacturing?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturing, which is a business that plans, develops, and manufactures products sold as customers' original brands, on behalf of the contracted OEM company. We provide products for various purposes.


Original brands

Skin care, hair care, bath and toiletries, amenities, aroma, fragrance, etc.


Business supplies

Products for business use in beauty clinics, beauty salons, etc.
refills, amenities, toiletries, etc.


Promotional sample products

For promotion, events, novelty, gifts, midyear gifts, year-end gifts, etc.


Our strengths

Basic cosmetics

・ Makeup remover (cleansing)
・ Facial cleansing foam cream
・ Lotion
・ Beauty essence (essence)
・ Milk
・ Pack (mask type, paint type)
・ Lip gel (tube type)
・ Moisturizing cream
・ Hand cream
・ Moisturizing cream (gel type)
・ UV cream
・ Sunscreen
・ Massage / cold cream


Hair care / body care

・ shampoo
・ conditioner, tonic
・Body Soap
・hand soap
・ Scalp essence
・ Eyelash serum



・ Aroma oil
・ Aroma gel
・ Aroma mist
・ Pure essential oil (essential oil)
・ Bath essence
・ Bath gel
・ Bath salts
・ Perfume (Parfum Eau de Toilette Eau de Cologne)


Other manufactured products

・ Soap
・ lipstick
・ eye shadow
・ eyeliner
・ mascara
・ Concealer control color
・ Face color powder
・ Many quasi-drugs
・ Other
Sports cosmetics in general
Pet cosmetics
General amenities and toiletries for inns and hotels
Sterilization products, etc.