ICHIKA®Supernatant Application

About iPS cell culture supernatant

After creating iPS cells, they are grown in medium containing nutrients in a warm environment. This process is called "cell culture". iPS cells increase in number by cell division, while making substances such as growth factors and cytokines inside, which is then released extracellularly. These substances dissolve into the liquid medium, which is then called the cell culture supernatant.


What are iPS cells?

iPS cells are special artificial stem cells that can differentiate into cells of various tissues and organs by introducing a small number of specific genes inside the cells. They are cells that have the ability to proliferate indefinitely. Application to regenerative medicine is anticipated, and the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded in 2012 for its discovery.


ICHIKA Premium
containing iPS cell culture supernatant

About ICHIKA® Premium containing iPS cell culture supernatant

It is the premium series of ICHIKA® that contains a luxurious amount of iPS cell culture supernatant. The culture supernatant, which contains a concentrated cocktail of substances produced by iPS cells, provides smoothness and a moisturizing feel like newborn skin, while providing skin firmness and elasticity. The premium series contains 5% or more of iPS cell culture supernatant, up to a maximum of 20%. The mild and natural formula can be used by people with sensitive skin. It is suitable to be used on the face, scalp and the whole body.


ClearAroma Sterilization / moisturizing spray

Uses safe alcohol

It is a disinfectant spray containing "77%" alcohol, which is a safe, plant-derived fermented alcohol used in the food industry. ICHIKA’s alcohol is also of cosmetics ingredients standard.


Proof of trust

This product is currently used by medical institutions, educational institutions, governmental institutions, etc. It will also become a perfect gift.