Contains 3% 1%
iPS cell culture supernatant



ICHIKA® containing iPS cell culture supernatant(※1)


A new choice for bright, natural skin.

"ICHIKA®" creates something new that are neither cosmetics or medicine.
ICHIKA® is made with the latest biotechnology in the field of regenerative medicine.
It is the world's first luxury cosmetics brand from Japan that contains the culture supernatant of human iPS cells.The culture supernatant of human iPS cells contains nutrients, cytokines and other substances essential for skin metabolism.
Rich in growth factors, ICHIKA® gives moisture, firmness and elasticity to bring ageless skin.


※1 Human Hepatocyte Induced Pluripotent Cell Culture Conditioned Media (humectant)


Highly concentrated and highest quality iPS cell culture supernatant created by 3D production method(※2)、. ICHIKA® is a luxurious skin care product that contains up to 20% of iPS cell culture supernatant, which is a skin-conditioning ingredient.
It not only approaches spots, wrinkles and sagging, but also prevents rough skin for sensitive and dry skin. Custom manufacturing that exceeds this concentration has also become possible through technological innovation.


※2 A production method that produces a highly safe and uniform quality supernatant, due to its airtightness.

What is an iPS cell culture supernatant


iPS cells are special stem cells that have the ability to differentiate into cells of various tissues and to proliferate indefinitely. It has a completely different level of proliferative ability from the somatic stem cells that are used in general stem cell cosmetics.
The iPS cell culture supernatant is obtained by culturing these iPS cells.




Cosmetics containing iPS cell culture supernatant(※1)

※1 Human Hepatocyte Induced Pluripotent Cell Culture Conditioned Media (humectant)

Booster Essence 3%

Beauty Cream 1%

Product features

Please use it before your daily skin moisturizer. It prepares the skin’s base to bring your skin to a beautiful and healthy state, as well as providing firmness and elasticity. This essence can be used for whole body care. It is suitable for people concerned about rough/sensitive/dry skin, thin hair or hair loss, and you may use it for scalp care before and after hair dye. Contains natural aromas.

【iPS-SNA®】Please try our iPS cell culture supernatant


These products generously contains a luxurious blend of safe, high-quality iPS cell culture supernatant. It is a special care product that became possible by the combination of patented manufacturing technology of advanced medicine, special application technology for cosmetics, manufacturing, and a special manufacturing environment. It can be used on the whole body and is suitable for all genders and age


Gender&Age Neutral